The PC and console gaming scene

Albeit the lockdown, all the players (PC and console) of the gaming scene have almost played their cards.

Console Scene

Xbox Series X Vs. PS5: Next-Gen Console Side-By-Side Comparison - GameSpot

Sony and Microsoft have revealed their console specs at the beginning of this year. We even have got pricing on the Xbox variants (Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X) the Xbox series S will launch at a meagre $300 dollars while the Xbox series X is to be launched at $500. Meanwhile, Sony is silent with the price of their console (PS5), although rumours claim that it will be priced at $500, take it with a grain of salt though.

GPU Scene

However, Nvidia has gone all out and revealed their cards, pun intended of course. They recently launched the succeeding generation of cards to the 20 series, that is, the 30 series. Nvidia has announced three cards i.e. 3070, 3080 and 3090, priced at $499, $699 and $1500. Further details are mentioned here. In a nutshell, Nvidia just gave us better GPU tech at a very competitive market price. Usually, that is AMD's selling point, competitive pricing. Speaking of which AMD has yet to announce their GPU lineup although they have revealed the date of their GPU keynote i.e. 28th October 2020. Things have gotten pretty interesting on the GPU front after a couple of quiet years. Both tech giants are going all in and Nvidia will do their best to retain the existing market share, while the other (AMD) will try to grab the market share as much as they can. There are also leaks and rumours, that Intel is also getting ready to get in the GPU market as well with another batch of discrete GPUs. Which brings us to the next scene:

CPU scene

After AMD's thorough thrashing of Intel in the CPU department with the release of the Zen 2 architecture, Intel released their 10th gen processors in May this year. Those were not as well-received as they usually are as Intel needs to play catch up to AMD. AMD is leading the market at this point and everybody who is into content creation is getting a Zen 2 7nm processors, while gamers prefer the much refined Intel's 14nm processor due to single-core clock speeds giving more FPS. Nonetheless, with the keynote of AMD CPUs scheduled for 8th October, we can expect another better gen of CPUs getting launched by the end of this year. Will AMD further widen the gap that is present between its processors and Intel's or will Intel be able to catch up? The latter seems highly unlikely. However, Intel has finally gotten dethroned and will try to hit back but as mentioned above it will take a while and AMD will try to retain its lead and they won't be getting complacent any time soon.

Where to from now?

I implore everyone, who is trying to get their hands on a PC to wait and watch how AMD delivers. AMD has done a pretty good job by taking the fight to Intel and Nvidia and they are fighting on both fronts i.e. GPU and CPU. They do have a habit of delivering products that are future proof as well as give great price to performance ratio. Console gamers need to wait as well as the consoles will be launched in the winter holidays. So, hold your horses!

However, with all this competition this is a win-win situation for consumers as they will get cheaper tech which also succeeds the prev more expensive generation.

What will you be buying, a console or a PC? Let us know in the comments section below! We'd love to hear from you.