Why being a gamer is so difficult in Pakistan?

Woes of being a gamer in the Paki community

In the Desi community of Pakistan, gaming is considered a waste of time and in some cases as taboo as well. The Paki community accepts gaming as a kid’s pass time and if you are in your 20s and still gaming then you got problems.

People have made it hard for the gaming scene to flourish in Pakistan. There is a lot that needs to be done to promote the gaming scene and make the lives of gamers easier when it comes to accessing hardware that is capable of playing games on decent frame rates. Parents need to realize that as long the kids are fairly playing games then it is fine for them to play. It’s all about supervision.

  • Lack of infrastructure of the internet is the biggest issue, both guided (wired) and unguided (wireless). Fiber optic network only exists in a handful of cities. The majority of the country is getting its internet on a network of copper wires. There exists a monopoly of PTCL, who takes more money than the service it provides.
  • One of the main reasons why being a gamer is quite a hassle is a lack of technological facilities from the global tech giants: AMDIntel, and NVidia.
  • This leads to another chain of problems since there is a lack of facilities, all the tech hardware has to be imported, which is paid off in dollars.
  • Now, due to the dollar to conversion rate being extremely high, add to that the import duties and shopkeeper margin (cry in the corner).
  • We, gamers have to pay a premium on the premium products. For example, we have to pay around 150% of the actual price of the hardware in some cases to quench our gaming lust.

Alas, it is not considered important enough, that the authorities will take notice of these problems that we gamers face, they got bigger fish to fry. But, one can hope that gaming will gain its much-deserved recognition and it will become easier to gaming in Pakistan. We gamers have to stand up for ourselves because no one else will.