Coronavirus and the tech scene

As we entered 2020, the world was introduced to Coronavirus. The virus outbreak has its origins in China. It has affected our daily lives on many levels. The tech scene is no different.

Is a Computer Famine incoming?

Now, China is one of the largest hardware manufactures in the world and there has been an increasing number of reports coming out that the virus has halted production.

A dominoes effect has been started where due to one company's halt of production has affected another company's production and so on and so forth.

  • PCB shortages have already started to occur in China. Not just PC hardware, this goes for phone parts as well.
  • This means the tech production will halt until the plague has passed.
  • Ram and SSD prices are already going up in South Korea. Which is a big bummer, considering these are the backbone of a computer.

Which just goes to show the global scale of the virus. Events like Computex have lost their traction as well, and companies like Samsung have shut down some of their franchise, in order to quarantine the virus. Which will result in less production or no production at all? Most probably.

The Local Scene?

So far, the local scene has not been affected as far as tech sales are concerned. We already have dwindling sales though, thanks to the state of the economy. However, due to the global scene being affected like this, there will probably be a hit to the supply.

  • Which means, that demand will increase and this will give another excuse to the sellers to raise prices of tech and extract the juice further from the already worried customers.
  • Our market has already got a bad reputation thanks to the seller behaviour and attitude. This will just make things worse.

Hopefully, things will not be that bad, once the cure is found and the global tech shenanigans become more stable. But for now, steel your horses as some tough times lie ahead.

Let us know in the comment section your opinions and suggestions on the current situation and Coronavirus.