Where does Ubisoft stand with the Assassin's Creed series?

Things are not looking good for Ubisoft as they are marketing their upcoming AAA title. "Assassin's Creed Valhalla". The company started the franchise as a successor to its successful prince of Persia series.

While the initial games were generally well-received from both the critics and the audience. Especially, the Ezio Trilogy. Now, not so much.  They just set a bar of standard too high for themselves to meet in the timeline they are currently working with.

Too many projects too little time

Ubisoft is under a lot of pressure to deliver a AAA instalment title every year of the AC series. Moreover, this is not the only project they are working on. While working on the AC series, Ubisoft has released other AAA titles as well. Such as Rainbow six Siege, Tom Clancy Division, Division 2 are only some of the titles they developed and released. Sure the projects brought in big money, but the quality has been compromised.  The story is not true to the original concept anymore, especially the story in the most latest titles in the series. I believe that if the company had just stuck to the AC series and not undertaken any additional projects. The AC series would not have become the disaster it is today, even with a yearly instalment of the series. As the situation stands they have compromised a lot on quality and it would have been better if they had just stopped the series with the end of the Ezio's trilogy.

There is a very bleak chance that the series will get revived with the current load and the timeline they are working on. If they dilate the timeline or just stop with the other projects and solely focus on the AC series we might see a better game. As of now? No chance. Ubisoft should either end the series or make it their sole project to work with. But we all know that is not how big game development studios work.

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